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Baby Blog- 2nd Trimester

Week 27

Week 27- Well I've made it to the end of the 2nd trimester.  Time is actually flying, especially when you've got a busy 2-year-old to focus on.  I just said to Adam, "We've got to get our butts in gear and get ready for this baby!"  I've got a running to-do list in my head which includes everything from repaint some chips & scratches in the nursery from Easton, to sort through the newborn baby clothes and all of the baby stuff in the basement.  I really need to get the room reset and then go on a shopping mission and get all new linens (sheets, changing pad covers, towels, wash clothes ect.) and then the essentials like diapers, shampoo, laundry soap, new bottles and breast feeding supplies- whew!  Who knew that baby #2 would require so much "new stuff".

The good news is we got Easton moved into his new big boy "Safari Room" which he loves!  He's in a new big bed and the nursery is ready for some TLC for baby #2.

Baby Munoz is busy growing and kicking away.  He/she is def. active but not is in a much different position than Easton was.   Easton toes were constantly in my ribs and he was so high that I felt like he was crushing me and my lungs.  This baby is a lot lower and seems to think my bladder is a trampoline!  It does a lot of kicking but more "rolling" and "shifting".  Hopefully that means a calmer, chill baby that Mr. Man on the Move!

Over the last few weeks I had to do the dreaded Glucose test, where you drink the bottle of orange sugar drink.  I actually chilled it this time and was able to get it down pretty quickly.  Needless to say I passed the test with flying colors and avoided the 3 hour test.

Baby Munoz and I also recently ventured to sunny Las Vegas for a work conference.  I've gotta say being pregnant in June in Vegas isn't ideal but I survived and did have some fun. Hell there was a fro-yo shop in the hotel so who am I to complain... all the ice cream I could eat!  I also got to indulge in some great meals and didn't even have to feel guilty about all the desserts I ate!  I also got a great new onsie for the baby!

















Week 22

Week 22- The last two weeks the baby continues to grow and to KICK!  Holy cow the other night I could fall asleep because I was laughing so hard.  This kid certainly has personality that's for sure.  I'm starting to notice some patterns in the baby's movement.  For instance the baby moves a ton at night, right before bed and again a ton in the morning while I'm at work.

I'm dying to get the nursery back in order while I still have the energy to do so, but Easton's new room is still on hold while we wait for a new e-gress window to arrive.  I hope it gets done soon so I can start to get organized.  It was one thing to set it up with all new things but another to sort back through all of the old packed away things and figure out what I want to keep and what else I need to get.  I did pick up a double stroller at a garage sale from a friend so I'm pretty pumped about that.  One purchase down, a million more to go!

I'm also busy trying to get my maternity leave/vacation time figured out.  I'm looking at reducing the time I'm actually at home this time but I'm sooo worried about it.  With Easton 8 weeks was hard enough but now thinking only 6 weeks seems like a stretch.....   I may not have a choice so we'll see.  Some people say the baby will seem easy compared to the wild toddler on the loose.

Funny note: Easton is confused.  He keeps asking people if they have a baby in their belly.  He's also patting my boob saying, "Is that the baby?"  OMG!  I'm like, "No easton THAT is not the baby!" and then he likes to argue, "YES IT IS!".  Oh lord.  Please don't let that happen out in public.


Week 20

Week 20- Though I'm only at the begginning of week 20 we hit two great milestones that I just had to share!  One is that I'm half-way there!  Whoo-hoo!  Five months down and roughly another 4-5 to go.  Yesterday we did what I consider to be the most exciting part of the pregnancy journey, the 20 week ultrasound.  This is the awesome moment when you get to actually see your baby in 3D!

The Doctors office was of course running way late which meant so was Adam for his baseball game.

After waiting nearly 45 minutes (maybe an hour) we were able to go in.  I was SO nervous!  We wern't even finding out the baby's gender but something about getting to see them for the first time and make sure they were ok made me a mix of excitement and nerves.  Adam was cool as a cucumber.   

We told her right away "We don't want to know!" She said that's actually the growing trend lately.  More than half of the couples are now, not finding out, which I think is great.  I love a good surprise.  I then told her that I wanted to take home the disk of pics like I did for Easton and she said, "Oh you want to do 3D today?"  I was like YES.  I mean really why would you just want 2D when technology is so amazing?  So she took all of the baby's measurements which were all average/normal.  What a relief.  Then she started to show us our little pumpkin.   Our first thoughts were this baby looks like Easton- it must be another boy!

The baby was a little camera shy, covering his/her face or only showing us the back of their head.  I had to keep turning on my side and rolling back and forth to try to get the baby to turn.  We must have been interupting nap time!   Now looking at them in comparision I do see similarities with Easton but side by side I think this baby looks a little bit different too.  Maybe it could be a girl?  Though my gut reaction was boy.  Now I'm confused and can't make a decision.  My facebook poll is really leaning toward Girl but my family saw the pic and all say hands down BOY!  

I guess we'll see.  I did ask Easton his thought and he said, it's a boy.  Then I said, "Really? you think boy?" and he said, 'Um no it's a girl".  Only time will tell.....

Click on the photos section to see more pics from the ultrasound. (if you click each photo it will englarge)

Week 18/19 

Week 18/19- The sickness ship is starting to sail people!  I can hardly believe  it.  I'm still feeling a little yucky in the morning but Zofran is a miracle cure right now.

The baby is moving up a storm.  I can feel it moving a lot, especially when I lay down.  It's probably hands down my favorite part of pregnancy.  Adam has gotten to feel the baby kick once but can't seem to get the timing right for all the other movements.  Soon it will be more obvious but now it just feels like a quick little flutter to him.

This week I had to hunt through the basement for the maternity wear.  The weather has started to heat up and last year's shorts and tank tops just arn't going to cut it.  Luckily in the depths of the basement storage room I was able to find and salvage a wrinkled bag of maternity wear.  I was surpised by how many things I had.  (Wish I would have found it about 12 hours sooner before I did that "oh poor me, maternity online shopping spree!").

This week the Braxton Hicks contractions started up.   Adam and I are both surpised we didn't realize what it was when it happened becuase they were so bad last time.   I felt my entire belly just seize up at at the end of the day and it had that horrible tight, stretching feeling.  Needless to say whene I woke up and things had relaxed  a lightbulb went off.  So I'm trying to up my water intake and take it a bit easier.

Easton is so funny.  I've got him talking to the baby now saying things to my belly like, "Hi baby Munoz, it's me your big brother!".   He keeps trying to poke or look into my belly button to see the baby.  He told me, "I think I see I the baby!"



Week 17- 

Week 17 may have been my best yet.  I get asked several times a day, "How are you feeling?"  I've got to say this week was pretty good!  I felt fairly normal most of the time.  Granted I usually take meds between 3am-6am to help before I wake up, but it works!  I've actually felt my appetite come back which from what I've read is pretty normal at this stage.

I told Easton this week that I've got a baby in my tummy and now he's walking around holding up his shirt rubbing his tummy telling me, "I have a baby in MY tummy mommy!" LOL  I'm not quite sure how to explain it to him yet.

I have really started to feel the baby move.  Not neccessarily lots of moving but an occassional thud or a kick or bump.  I'd say this was the first week I really thought yup that was a kick!  I also had to haul out the maternity clothing tub :(  

Adam walked past as I was sifting through the options and said, "this is sad for you huh?"  Needless to say, while I'm excited for our healthy growing baby, I'm not excited about my healthy growing baby bump.  I just hate it.  I did purchase a body pillow this weekend to make sleeping a little easier but man- I will be excited for October when my body can be my own again!

This week I think we've finally narrowed down our name lists for a baby boy or baby girl.  During the first pregnancy we didn't pick "one name", we waited to see our little baby first before making the decision.  I'm glad we did because that was the moment we knew, he was Easton!  Since that system worked so well for us we'll be going that route again.  We're not sure if we're keeping the names a suprise or not so for now I'll have to keep you in limbo. :-)  Sorry I know that's no fun.  

Week 16- 

I'm starting to have weird nightmares.  The doctor said it's likely the crazy hormone fluctuations.  Between that, the morning sickness and the constant urge to pee, I'd say I've been spending a lot of time awake between 3-6am.  Oh and Easton has decided that when we see's any bit of daylight it's morning and time to get up and play.  This week he has woken up between 5:45am-6am every day.  Fun Fun.   I'm feeling slightly better this week.  The sickness hasn't been so bad, only between 3am-6am and I just take some Zofran and go back to sleep.  I had my 4 month check up and the baby is doing great.  He/she is a mover!  I've been feeling all sorts of first flutters and during the heartbeat check Baby Munoz kept rolling away LOL.

We started a running boy/girl name list.  (Did I mention we're going to be suprised again?!) I ran the names past Easton and he was VERY opinionated.  He told me very firmly NO on a few and the ones he liked he made sure we knew.   We actually went to brunch for Easter and when we arrived he looked at everyone and said, "Are Eli and Harper here?"  (His two favorite baby names).  We all laughed.  I told him, "Well.. yes one of them may be here" with a wink.   The name list is ever-- changing so we'll see when the day comes what we decide.  Currently we have a handful of choices for both but can't really commit quite yet.

Bump update: This week people are starting to say, "You can barely tell you're pregnant".  I think that's a nice way of saying "you can totally tell you're pregnant".   I can still wear my normal clothes so that makes me happy for now.

Recent wedding: in the dress you can see the bump is starting to show- thank god for A-lines

Week 15- 

I swear I felt the baby bump me!  It seems early but I'm confident I wasn't imagining it.  I haven't thrown up in a week.  Still feeling sick to my stomach but atleast this is a step in the right direction.  I had to go dress shopping this week for a wedding.  Ugh.  Not good.  Needless to say my belly isn't flat anymore.  I was pretty depressed.  Every normal dress made me look like a huge pregnant lady and every maternity dress is super cheesy with giant flowers and a bow around your belly like you're a giant present.  Ugh. Can you say frusterating?  Basically I sat outside Macy's defeated and just wanted to cry.  I'm so not good any being pregnant.  My mom said, "I'm so sorry that your pregnancies are so tramatic for you...."  That pretty much sums it up.

Week 14-

Planning for Easton's new big boy room is underway!   He is very excited to get a safari themed room.  He doesn't quite seem to understand that he's getting a brother or sister, and keeps changing his mind about which he woud prefer.  Clothes are feeling snug and my waist has disapeared.   However at my last checkup I had lost 2 pounds (probably from being so sick).  The cravings are fully underway- it must be a Munoz thing but this baby also LOVES ice-cream.  Needless to say we're having a bowl every night.  Health is our favorite ;-)

Week 13-

Uneventful.  Sickness continues- things are going from bad to worse.  No bump yet.

Week 12-

This was fun becuase we were able to start telling everyone about the baby.  I can't believe all of the wonderful comments we recieved from everyone we know!  I think our daycare provider and her family were quite possibly the most excited!